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The AsiaBarometer Integrated Dataset ("Data") will be provided if and only if its user ("User") agrees to abide by all of the following conditions:

  1. AsiaBarometer Project Executive Committee ("Committee"), headed by Professor Takashi Inoguchi, President of University of Niigata Prefecture, Japan and The AsiaBarometer Integrated Dataset Production Team ("Team"), headed by Professor Shigeto Sonoda, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, the University of Tokyo, reserve all rights concerning the provision and usage of Data, including, but not restricted to, granting of permission for Data usage and unannounced changes to the conditions listed here below.
  2. User agrees to immediately terminate Data usage if so requested by the Committee/Team.
  3. User agrees to immediately and completely delete all forms of Data, including hard and soft copies and data fragments, if so requested by the Committee/Team.
  4. If User is a researcher or student affiliated with an academic or research institution, he/she must provide proof of institutional affiliation if so requested by the Committee/Team. Otherwise, User must obtain prior permission from the Committee before proceeding with download of Data.
  5. Data usage is restricted to reference purposes and secondary research analysis only. For all other purposes, such as primary research analysis, teaching, and media publicity, User must obtain prior permission from the Committee/Team.
  6. User agrees to protect the confidentiality of individual respondents and organizations contained in Data, and not to analyze Data in any way that could disclose the identity of individual respondents or organizations.
  7. User agrees to acknowledge the source of Data when publishing any research result based on analysis of Data by citing in the following format:

    Inoguchi, Takashi and Shigeto Sonoda, AsiaBarometer Integrated Dataset, [computer file]. AsiaBarometer Project ( [producer and distributor], date of download. AsiaBarometer is a registered trademark of Professor Takashi Inoguchi, President of University of Niigata Prefecture, Japan, Director of the AsiaBarometer Project.
  8. Data may not be redistributed to any other entity without prior permission of the Committee/Team.
  9. In addition to Article 7, User also agrees to cite the following addresses in e-mails, articles, books, or any other forms of publication that makes reference to User's access to and/or usage of Data:

    Postal address: The AsiaBarometer Project, University of Niigata Prefecture, Tokyo Satellite, Koyosha KS Building 9th Floor, 1-17-8 Nishikata, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0024, JAPAN
    E-mail address:
  10. Neither the Committee/Team nor its members bear any form of responsibility pertaining to Data. This includes, but is not solely restricted to, validity and quality of Data, interpretation or inference based on analysis of Data, unannounced alteration to and deletion of Data by the Committee/Team, and unannounced termination of Data provision.
  11. If you are interested in using just one year’s data from 2003 to 2007, get access to the following website.

Application Form


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