2012 Asian Sociology Workshop

"Globalization and Social Inequality in Sociological Textbooks:
Views from East Asia"

 East Asian societies have been witnessing increasing social inequality during this decade, and a lot of sociologists have been conducting empirical researches as well as theoretical inquires across East Asia. On reflection, “grand theories” of social inequality have been introduced and modified into East Asian societies and a lot of efforts of “localization of concepts” have been made to make a full explanation of social inequality issues in local contexts.
 Then, can we find some common “East Asian characteristics” of social inequality researches, or are they just an application of Western theories? Is it possible for sociologists in East Asia to write a common textbook for sociology students? If not, why, and if yes, how? Experts on social inequality researches in Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Japan were invited to talk about the questions above.
 This workshop was co-hosted by “Social Theory Subcommittee” of Sociology Committee, Science Council of Japan and Japan Society for Promotion of Science Asia-Africa Science Platform Program, “Frontier of Comparative Studies of Asian Societies” and was organized as a special panel for the 85th Japan Sociological Society Annual Meeting.

November 3 (Saturday), 2012
(Venue: E501, Sapporo Gakuin University)

14:00-17:00 Introduction: "Globalization and Social Inequality in Sociological Textbooks: Views from East Asia"Chair: Shigeto Sonoda (University of Tokyo)


Yoshimichi Sato (Tohoku University)