2011 AsiaBarometer Workshop

"Risk, Social Trust, and Social Inequality:
A Comparative View"
December 17 (Saturday), 2011
(Venue: Conference Room 802, Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica)
9:30-10:00 - Registration
10:00-10:10 - Welcoming Remark by Prof. Michael H. H. HSIAO
10:10-10:20 - Explanation of the AB Workshop by Prof. Shigeto SONODA

10:20-12:00Session 1: Risk and Family in East Asia Chairperson: Shigeto SONODA (University of Tokyo)
Commentator: In-jin YOON (Korea University)

An-Sik CHANG(Korea University)

"Risk in Asia: An Exploratory Analysis"

13:00-14:40Session 2: Public Sphere in East Asian ContextChairperson: Chunling LI (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
Commentator: Joon HAN (Yonsei University)

Pen-Hsuan LIN(National United University) and Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao(Academia Sinica)

"Religiosity and Religious Public Policy: A Cross-National Comparison"

Susan Paige TAYLOR(University of Tokyo)

"The Role of Readers in Society: Book and Internet Users in Japan and Korea"

15:00-17:10Session 3: Changing State-Society Relations in Comparative Perspective Chairperson: H. H. Michael HSIAO (Academia Sinica)
Commentator: Tai-lok LUI (University of Hong Kong)

17:10-18:00Session 4: Overall DiscussionChairperson: Shigeto SONODA (University of Tokyo)