RICAS has been accepted as an allied institution of the JSPS Asia-Africa Science Platform Program.

"Frontier of Comparative Studies of Asian Societies" (Coordinator: Prof. Shigeta Sonoda), a research project with RICAS as the Japanese allied institution, has been approved by the JSPS Asia-Africa Science Platform Program for the 2010 fiscal year.

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Making use of the opportunities provided by becoming accredited as a Joint Usage / Research Center in 2010, RICAS will advance comparative social studies of Asia with allied institutions abroad: Korea University (Korea), the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (China), Academia Sinica (Taiwan), and the National University of Singapore (Singapore). Such comparative studies were never fully conducted earlier due to the lack of an adequate database. RICAS is also committed to enhancing the on-going exchanges among social studies researchers within East Asia and extensively examining the potentials of social studies of Asia.

Specific research achievements and events will be announced on the website on an on-going basis.

Prof. Yoon, Korea University (second from the left), Prof. Tan, National University of Singapore (far right), and Prof. Sonoda, Coordinator (second from the right) [Korea University and National University of Singapore are allied institutions.]