Southeast Asia
No. Name Description
1 Making Regions: Proto-Areas, Transformations and New Formations in Asia and Africa, Kyoto University COE project designed to promote research on ecological conditions/ everyday life/social organizations, local communities and local economies, and modern national and transnational institutions in Asia/Africa. This website contains research results including gCluster of Southeast Asian/South and West Asian Studies,h information about publications, collections, databases and links.
2 Elucidation of the Active Geosphere from Asia and Oceania to the World, Kyoto University This site summarizes findings of COE project on dynamics of the earth, in particular of Asia and Oceania. This website opensgReal-Time Observationshthat provide live views and other relevant databases. It also containsgTidbit of the Week,h Field Research Reports, information about meetings, special lectures, explanations of technical terms.
3 COE of Intergrated Studies, Kyoto University This website offers the summary of outcome of field works in Asia and Africa as well as workshop announcements.
4 Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University This site contains information about fellowships and post openings, research, library, publication, database (including Thai) and other links.
5 Angkor International Mission, Sophia University (French) This site contains reports and many pictures about Angkor.
6 Japan Society for Southeast Asian History This site provides Information on meeting and events, contents of Southeast Asia: History and Culture and its Back Number List, lwith relevant inks and resources.
7 Research & Education on Intergrated River Basin Management in Asian Monsoon, University of Yamanashi This site offers event summaries, announcements, information about gVirtual Academyhand links.
8 Center of Exellence- Contemporary Asian Stuides, Waseda University The website offers program summary, working papers, information about Young Researchers Support Program, International Networking Program and Cooperative Research Program.